Who is AZFOODGUY? Here's how it began on Instagram and TikTok.

Mar 09, 2023

Despite the fact that I am now a more well-rounded individual, my passion for food remains unparalleled. From a young age, I was fascinated by the ability of food to unite and forge lasting bonds between people. As I grew older, my passion for food grew, and I soon began sharing my gastronomic experiences online.

Instagram hosted some of my earliest examples of social media prowess. By using keywords and identifying the restaurants where I ate, I could attract more readers to my food-related blog posts. I was rewarded for my perseverance and time with a devoted following that valued my views and recommendations.

As I began to gain more Instagram followers, I realized that I also needed to expand my following on other platforms. LinkedIn was chosen due to its ability to connect me with influential businesses and individuals in the food industry. Once I began using TikTok, I was unable to stop.

My first attempt at using TikTok was a complete failure. As a result, I was unable to utilize the app's features to their fullest extent. It was challenging for me to create content for TikTok, and it was even more difficult to attract viewers to my videos. Nonetheless, I could not resist the platform's allure.

As I spent more time on TikTok, I became more interested in sharing my thoughts on topics such as animation, food, and the latest trends. I chose a concentration that allowed me to combine two of my interests, food and anime, into one. After that, I began to record vlogs concerning traditional Japanese travel and culture.

Due to the popularity of one of my Naruto videos, I decided to expand on the concept. Unprecedented numbers of people began to watch my videos, and I began to amass a dedicated following. When the pandemic struck and everyone turned to TikTok as a diversion, the situation reached a critical level.

Due to my position, I was aware that TikTok was being analyzed. I was also cognizant of the fact that not all artists used TikTok and that the time had come to perfect the craft of the short film. I devoted a significant amount of time to learning the system's layout, observing how other content creators utilized the service, and experimenting with its various posting and viewing options.

In less than two years, I was able to accumulate over 200k followers on TikTok. This resulted in an increase of 45,000 Instagram followers for me. Due to my efforts on TikTok, I now have a considerably larger and more enthusiastic audience.

TikTok's success taught me an important lesson: I need a platform to build a platform. This is something I learned in 2019 at an influencer conference where other successful artists discussed their online following-building strategies.

Despite my lack of experience, I have amassed more followers and likes on TikTok and Instagram than many more seasoned celebrities. I attribute my success to my openness to innovation and my pursuit of technological advancements zenith.

Instagram created Reels to increase the visibility of its creators as TikTok's popularity began to wane. Due to my efforts in this area, I was able to gain 35,000 Instagram followers. "Ride the wave" is my new personal motto. I typically experiment with whatever is currently popular.

Social media promotion is more effective than traditional methods, as my overnight success as a food champion demonstrates. According to my observations, anyone with marketing savvy and an eye for new markets can make money in the current business climate.

The following year, I began receiving invitations to events where peers were granted complimentary entry in exchange for coverage. My excitement to share my knowledge as a foodie influencer was matched only by my excitement to sample the delectable dishes that would be provided.

I continued to market myself and my company at events and digitally until I had nearly 300,000 followers. To spread the word to my followers, I began collaborating with local restaurants and content creators. I also began accepting paid collaborations to assist me in meeting my financial obligations. The attention I've received on social media has contributed significantly to my success thus far.

Even though I had achieved a high level of success, I never lost my gratitude for my friends and the opportunities I had been given. To adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape and stay ahead of the curve, I experimented with numerous content formats and approaches.

I have worked hard to earn my position at the top of the food chain among culinary leaders. I was even approached by those in the know about joining more prestigious groups and events. To share my expertise and passion with the world, I created a blog and a membership site.

After experiencing all that I had, I felt proud when I reflected on my journey. Despite my lack of experience, I was able to quickly master social media rules and become a recognized leader in my field. And I was excited about the upcoming opportunities.

My story is ultimately about tenacity and the birth of new ideas. It demonstrates that, with the proper mindset and strategy, anyone can achieve success in the rapidly expanding fields of social media and influencer marketing, regardless of prior experience or skill in these areas. Achieving one's objectives requires a lack of apathy and a concentration on the future. Anyone aspiring to become a household name online would do well to examine my experience.

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