Table of Contents

  1. What is AZFOODGUY?
  2. Where is AZFOODGUY Content?
  3. How To Start Advertising with AZFOODGUY
  4. Allegations and Myths About Foodies and Influencers
  5. Who is AZFOODGUY? It's One Word.


AZFOODGUY is an Arizona-based influencer and advertising company. AZFOODGUY is a social media account that showcases local restaurants and events in Arizona including the Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona & other areas. AZFOODGUY is the best resource for locals and visitors of Arizona to find amazing dining experiences that AZ has to offer.

Where is AZFOODGUY Content?

AZFOODGUY is found on social media using the handle @azfoodguy on a variety of platforms including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Medium, Vocal, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. The most popular AZFOODGUY account is Instagram and then followed by TikTok.

AZFOODGUY content is also available via the monthly newsletter.

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How to Start Advertising with AZFOODGUY

Potential clients can submit an business inquiry form on the AZFOODGUY website with all relevant information to receive a free consultation about what type of advertising will work best for their particular business.

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Allegations and Myths About Foodies and Influencers

It is a prevalent misconception that social media influencers are greedy and pompous people. There are stories and allegations that influencers walk into a business demanding free products or payment in return for advertising. However, that is rarely the case, at least for credible influencers. Influencers are an integral element of the marketing ecosystem and provide businesses a unique chance to contact their target audience.

Many companies are eager to collaborate with influencers on relationships that benefit both the influencer and the brand. This might consist of sponsored material and monetary compensation.

Trends have shown that marketing has transitioned to influencer marketing in the past decade and away from traditional marketing such as newspapers, magazines TV, etc.


Who is AZFOODGUY? It's One Word.

The name AZFOODGUY is ALL one word. Common mistakes are AZ Food Guy, AZ Foodie, AZ Foodie Guy, The Food Guy, etc. which is incorrect. Additional information of AZFOODGUY can be found in these online resources.

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