Top 5 Restaurants in Arizona: January 2024

Jan 18, 2024
Hey VIPs,

It's 2024! Can you believe how fast 2023 has passed by? Well, this year we have more installed for you.

A little recap of last year... 1) we had the Superbowl come to Arizona 2) we launched AZFOODPASS 3) we launched AZFOODGUY Experiences. 4) we expanded into events around the valley from concerts to food festival to Home and Garden giveaways.

Speaking of AZFOODPASS, we have two meetups scheduled for February. We will be sampling food at Boba Toko and Mickey's Hotdogs. In March, we are scheduled to party at Culinary Gangsta in Scottsdale and trying out their burgers. Our AZFOODPASS group is a fun bunch of people. You definitely need to meet them! Click the button below to learn more about what your pass does and how it's your entry pass into our local meetups.
The Appetizer        
  The Drink                          
The Entree                           
  The Dessert                          
  Chef's Choice                          

Here's to crushing it in 2024. Personally, you know that I'm trying to stay in great shape (if you watch my Instagram stories). So hopefully, we all accomplish our goals. I wish you luck! Let's go!

Say hi if you see me around. :)

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