Review with AZFOODGUY: Predator of the Seafood

Mar 09, 2023

Lovers of fish and shellfish, assemble! Recently, I had the privilege of eating at Oscar's Pier 83, a restaurant in Glendale, Arizona that is considered to be a secret treasure. It is not surprising that this seafood establishment has been in operation for close to twenty years now because there is no rivalry in its market. The lighting fittings and other elements of the décor made it look like a harbor, so as soon as I stepped in, I had the impression that I had been transferred to something like a dock. The commitment to detail was wonderful, and it was a fairly remarkable accomplishment overall.

The restaurant's impeccable cleanliness was one of the many things that won me over to choose to eat there. The fact that all of the decorations were hung on the wall ensured that there was no accumulation of grime or congestion. It was a pleasant and hygienic way to spend time in the dining room. The selection consisted almost entirely of fish, and if you like fish and chips, you'll find that this establishment is perfect for you. Despite this, they have a variety of other recipes on the menu that are similarly delectable.

At Oscar's Pier 83, the pasta was without a doubt one of the dishes that stood out to me as being among the finest that I tried. It had a wonderful flavor and was packed with shrimp and crab. You have the option of ordering it by itself or as a side dish, but given how delicious it is, I would advise getting it as part of a dinner so you can try a little of everything. The enormous seafood po boy sandwich is another dish that should not be missed out on trying. It is a meal that will certainly prevent you from feeling hungry and will leave you content.

They have a salmon filet and a tuna filet that are both delicious and prepared to perfection, so if seafood is your thing, you won't be disappointed. However, the thing that really stood out to me about their establishment was their clam chowder. They get their bread bowl from San Francisco, and the sourdough bread used in it has an unrivaled tangy flavor. It is a sizable dish, and you will not be let down by the contents.

Now for the giant fried oysters you've been waiting for. They come as an entrée option or can even be placed inside of a taco, and they are quite substantial. The oysters' size and crispiness were two of the aspects that I appreciated most about them. It came as a delightful surprise because I have not discovered any other establishments that offer shellfish of this size, and I have looked.

At Oscar's Pier 83, AZFOODPASS members can receive 10% off any purchase, so if you are a member of this program, you should definitely take advantage of this discount. It is always a wonderful experience to be able to appreciate a delectable dinner while saving a little amount of money. And if you're looking for a location to watch a game while having a drink, Oscar's Pier 83 has you covered with their affordable beer and wine, both of which are priced at just $3 a glass.

There are a growing number of seafood restaurants in the neighborhood, but there's a good reason why Oscar's Pier 83 has remained in business for nearly two decades. People keep returning back because the service is quick and dependable, and the restaurant offers delectable seafood at a reasonable price. It's the kind of location where you can come for lunch or supper and get some traditional shellfish prepared in the traditional way.

Oscar's Pier 83 is an establishment that you absolutely have to go to if you are in the Glendale, Arizona region and are looking for some outstanding seafood. The prices are fair, the place has a warm and inviting ambiance, and the cuisine is of the highest quality. Avoid missing out on this undiscovered treasure, and make it a point to sample the seafood pasta, clam chowder, and giant fried oysters while you're there. You won't be let down in any way.

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