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Jan 12, 2023

There are many mom-and-pop restaurants that feature dishes made with careful attention to detail. Their chefs have often spent years perfecting their craft, while others learned on the job from restaurant owners who studied or worked at high gastronomy places in Europe before opening up their establishments.

If you want to find the best new restaurants in your area, it used to be a difficult process of consulting local magazines, newspapers and social media pages. Nowadays though? All you have to do is put together a list!

Check out the reviews and recommendations on various food-related websites, as well as from friends and family who live in your city: they will have tried some of the local places!

Nowadays, you can go online or use your phone's app store to find a nearby restaurant. You can then let GPS navigation take over and get directions by typing in the name of the place you want to visit. Or if technology isn't really your thing, just head straight for "top rated restaurants" on any site—based on other people's reviews! Checking out new restaurants has never been easier!

Food trends seem to come out of nowhere, but it is worth keeping your eye on social media for hints about what's coming next. Because who would have guessed that birria ramen—think tacos with pork braised in a spicy chili pepper broth and served over rice noodles—would become such a thing? The next big thing could be something as simple, yet groundbreaking, as combining two flavors that have never been paired together before.

Our city's restaurant scene has been changing dramatically over the past few years, and a new 'foodie' culture is emerging as people look for ways to eat well. To keep up with what's happening around town I've begun following some local food bloggers on social media—they have great insights into this exciting cultural shift! Some food bloggers document every bite they take, while others provide interviews with chefs—it's like having my own personal food network!

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have made it easy for users to find out about new restaurants before the menus are released publicly. I love watching people's videos on these platforms because they always manage to make a dish look so appetizing that I want to eat it right away. I've learned that these influencers are usually very honest about their restaurant experiences, and if something isn't up to snuff, they'll mention it on social media.

Search for restaurants, cuisines and dishes on Instagram or TikTok to see what people in your city are raving about.

I, too, have a social media presence: Instagram and TikTok (@azfoodguy) that does this exact thing. It's not easy finding places to feature it is also difficult recording content every day.

The experience of eating is influenced by all our senses: sight, smell, sound and touch. It’s a great way to give people a preview of their dining experience if you post videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

My foodie followers and I love to eat at restaurants that are serving up new dishes or creating unique experiences for their guests. The places I've shared with them have become some of our favorites like The Americano in Scottsdale.

This is a question I'm often asked: "My partner and I like to go out for dinner, but we're at a loss as to where to take him/her. What should we do?" My answer: Check out my profile!

Food influencers can be your best tool for learning about new eats. These days, they're not just posting pictures of their meals; they often discuss the restaurants themselves—whether it's a place that they've been or plan to visit.

You can check out where they've been eating before you leave the house—or just decide to go somewhere else entirely based on what they're doing and saying. Chefs and other food bloggers are increasingly using social media to share their culinary creations as well as their opinions on restaurants.

Don't wait for a moment of hunger to learn about new restaurants. Follow your favorite food influencers on Instagram, and check out their most recent meal—you get insight into what's happening in the world of gastronomy plus discover something you want to try! —you might see a coupon or event that'll save you money or get you closer to free food!

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